More Uses for Lead Magnets in the Pet Industry

Using a Lead Magnet to generate new leads to build your Pet Industry company’s email list is always an ongoing challenge.

In my last article, we talked about 3 types of Lead Magnets…

· The Infographic

· Using a Quiz

· A Case Study

Here’s the link to that article…

Today, let’s look into 3 more strong Lead Magnets, but first, let’s review why a lead magnet is so effective in providing your company with fresh new subscribers to continue building your email list.

A Lead Magnet is the easiest way to invigorate your email list because a good lead magnet will help to pre-qualify leads for you… that is, if you have done your research and know your target audience well.

Only a strong lead will be interested in your lead magnet because it will solve a problem (or potential problem) he may currently be having.

A Lead Magnet must be relevant to your prospect, be short and actionable, provide high value and quality content, and deliver on the promise to solve your prospect’s problem… ideally with a quick win.

Another 3 Lead Magnets that will do the job of building your company’s email list are:

· A Guide — Usually provided in PDF form, a Guide can be a flexible, convenient, and versatile way to provide valuable information to your prospect that’s easily readable and downloadable. It’s flexible because a Guide can be of various lengths and contain as much (or little) material as your company wants to put in it.

Suggestion: A dog training company can write up a Guide as a Lead Magnet that provides details of how important the basic commands of ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Down’ are when training a new puppy.

· A Cheat Sheet — This is a great Lead Magnet on its own or combined with a Guide. A Cheat Sheet can equip its reader with step-by-step reminders, instructions, explanations or guidelines that are easily usable when the prospect needs it the most… when actually doing the activity you’re reading about!

Suggestion: The same dog training company can use a Cheat Sheet to share step-by-step instructions to pet parents training a new puppy. This can be in addition to the Guide and used to reinforce everything mentioned in the Guide, but reduce down to bite-size reminders they can hold in their hands while doing the training.

· A Checklist — This is another incredible way to present information requested by your prospect in a short, concise, and scannable way that is reader-friendly. Using bullet points to format your Checklist makes this a breeze.

Suggestion: Any Pet Industry business, such as a veterinarian, dog groomer, or doggie daycare center, could use a Checklist to assemble a line-up of 10 breeds of dogs that are perfect for a family with small children. This would speak directly to families that are already looking or are thinking of getting a puppy for their household.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to start building your email list from scratch or continue gathering loyal subscribers for your Pet Industry business, then one of these Lead Magnets is the perfect answer!



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