Claudia Cesarotti
2 min readNov 19, 2020


Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Last week, we talked about the 3 reasons to launch an E-newsletter.

Those reasons were:

· To provide good, relevant and useful information to your clients

· Allows you to be the ‘expert’ because YOU are providing all that good information

· And, most importantly, helps to build your relationship with your clients for the long-term

But how do you go about starting the process of launching an E-newsletter for your Pet Industry business?

There are several aspects of an E-newsletter to think about before getting down to the nitty-gritty of finding email service providers (ESP) or thinking about how to format it.

First, you want to think about:

1. Who is your target audience?

This may seem obvious, but think about it for a minute…

Having an actual person in mind to write to might feel illogical because you want your E-newsletter to appeal to everyone.

But, narrowing down to whom you’ll be writing to will give the newsletter the personal touch and a voice that feels special and exclusive to whoever is reading it.

2. What are you an authority in and how does this make you different from everyone else?

Let’s say you are a veterinarian and you specialize in small reptiles and exotic birds along with the dogs and cats most people associate vets with.

Having a section or two in your monthly E-newsletter about your specialty interest in reptiles and exotic birds sets you apart because you have something special and unique to say and a specific audience that wants to hear it.

This will give your E-newsletter an exciting, original, and distinct personality and voice that is all your own!

3. What in the heck will you write about?

Some thoughts about that are:

· Seasonal reminders — Talking about the latest update on flea and tick products in the Spring or warning pet owners what plants are poisonous to their pet during Christmas time are great places to start.

· Current and trending topics — Discussing important topics such as current health trends for pets or the latest effective training to help your dog stop barking at everything outside is always helpful!

· The newest products or equipment available — Telling your readers about a new, easy-to-use dog harness or the latest in agility training equipment is super informative to pet parents interested in those topics.

Asking yourself these 3 questions helps to zero in on what would be interesting and entertaining to your readers.

Helping pet industry businesses launch e-newsletters is what my specialty is.

If you need a consistent, effective, and proven way to market your pet industry business, then consider launching an e-newsletter.