How to Find the ‘Voice’ for your Pet Industry E-Newsletter

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Now that you’ve decided to start a monthly e-newsletter for your Pet Industry business, you may be wondering…

· What the heck am I going to talk about in my newsletter every month? (Topic ideas)

· How am I going to say it? (Finding the proper ‘voice’ and personality that best speaks to your readers)

The Pet Industry has a gazillion topics to talk about…

1. Current news about new products and trends

2. Seasonal reminders such as using flea products in the spring or all the plants poisonous to our pets during December’s holiday seasons

3. ‘How-to’ articles

4. Best tips & practices for feeding your dog, benefits of regular teeth brushing…

5. Fun facts about famous people and their dogs… or famous dogs and their people…

6. Breakdowns of services pet parents can expect from veterinarians, dog walkers, doggie day cares, pet groomers, pet hotels & spas, dog parks…

As you can see… the list of topics is long and distinguished… And we’ve barely scratched the surface!

What to talk about in your pet business’s e-newsletter shouldn’t be a problem…

How you come across as the host of your newsletter is something to consider…

The ‘Voice’ in your newsletter should reflect your personality.

If you are a boisterous extrovert in real life, let that shine through! The informal, friendly, and inviting way you already communicate will come across in the newsletter content.

So, what if you’re not a boisterous extrovert but a shy, self-conscious introvert?

No Problem!

The ‘Voice’ of your newsletter can and will reflect your personality just as well!

You can write about your newsletter content just like you are talking to a good friend about subjects you are an expert in and that are near and dear to your heart.

That’s why creating an e-newsletter for your Pet Industry business is such a good decision…

· It’s versatile

· It’s very flexible and adjusts to any personality of the person writing it

· It’s a fantastic way to begin and grow your email list

By sending one email per week to your ever-growing email list, you will find out what topics your readers want to know about.

This provides a human touch, which is the cornerstone of communication… online and personal.

Now that you are ready to create a newsletter for your Pet Industry business finding your ‘Voice’ is as easy as Doe, Ray, Me… (Fa, So, La, Tee, DOE!)




Pet Industry Copywriter- Freelance

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Claudia Cesarotti

Claudia Cesarotti

Pet Industry Copywriter- Freelance

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