Generating Leads for your Pet Industry Business

Claudia Cesarotti
2 min readDec 24, 2020


Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

Do you think Generating Leads for your B2B Pet Industry Business is Difficult?

Then the Sales Funnel is your best friend! What is a Sales Funnel, you ask? Let’s talk about that…

A Sales Funnel is the process a company, especially a B2B company, goes through to:

· Generate leads

· Collect email addresses of potential customers

· Follows up with those customers to turn them into buyers

· Use content to push the sales process forward

· And, lastly, makes the sale with the new customer

These steps seem pretty simple, broken down into bullet points, but there is a bit more of an involved process to each step.

First, generating leads. One big way of generating leads is through a social media ad. Facebook (or Instagram) ads have exploded in popularity in the last several years.

An invitation to join a webinar or download a report or white paper sparks a potential customer's interest, and they tap on the ‘Click here’ button in the Facebook ad.

This brings the customer to the company’s landing page, where they can ‘opt-in’ with their email address. This is a fantastic way for your B2B company to collect email addresses to build their email list.

After the customer ‘opts-in’, they can download the report/white paper or schedule a time to view the webinar they were interested in.

Other types of content to help generate leads can be:

· Online ads (other than social media)

· Printed material from a trade show

· Blog posts

· Articles placed in trade magazines or journals

· E-books

· Explainer videos

And the list goes on… Generating leads is tremendously important to any B2B company!

Once a B2B company has a potential customer’s email address, how do they follow up?

Using email campaigns, e-newsletters, training videos, and sell sheets are a few ways to nurture a relationship with interested new buyers.

Case studies are another effective way… a case study is used to show new customers all the different ways your B2B company’s product has helped and served customers that have already benefited from the product (or service).

All of this type of content is a powerful way is to push the sales process forward.

If new buyers can imagine improving themselves (or those around them) from using your B2B company’s product or service by reading a case study of how other people benefited or by viewing a webinar on how best to use the product or service, then that new buyer is already thinking about how the product or service can fit into their lives and how their lives can be bigger, fuller, and richer by having your product.