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Social Media and the Pet Industry:

Is Your Pet Business using Social Media to the Best Advantage?

When was the last time you tended to any of your social media accounts? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? Does your business even have any social media accounts?

Social media networks have made…

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Social Media and the Pet Industry

Social Media, social media, social media! What the heck IS social media?

While this may seem like a reasonably easy question to answer on a personal basis, when you apply it to your pet business, is it so easy to answer?

Having a Facebook…

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What is Microchipping, and why is it a good idea for your pet?

According to the non-profit organization, The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada, an astounding 1-in-3 pets gets lost at some point in their lives!

Getting your dog or cat microchipped tremendously increases the odds of being reunited…

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3 Tips to Improve your Pet Industry Website

A few weeks ago, I was on a website for some new software for my grooming shop I had recently heard about. This software was supposed to be great for allowing clients to schedule their own appointments within the grooming shop boundaries.

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Considering THC-free CBD for your pet?

Thinking about trying CBD for your pet? …here’s a success story that might help you decide.

My client, Debbie, came to the grooming salon to see me practically in tears. Her beloved Golden Retriever, Sunny, was acting very strangely lately, and she wanted to…

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The 5 Fast & Easy Food Bundles to Boost Your Brain Power and Concentration

“Our brain health starts at the end of our forks,” says Dr. Drew Ramsey, MD.

Dr. Ramsey is a leading authority on brain health, a psychiatrist, and several cookbooks on eating and cooking for improved brain…

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Pet Industry Copywriter- Freelance

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