5 Reasons Your Pet Industry Business Needs a Site Content Audit

5 Reasons You Need a Content Site Audit for Your Pet Industry Website

Whether you are running:

· A pet grooming salon

· Have a successful veterinary practice

· Working to train dogs to have wonderful manners

· Selling pet food and supplies within a brick & mortar building or strictly online…

Your Pet Industry business needs a website!

Not only does your business need a website, but it needs a website that works hard for you 24/7/365.

So, ok… you throw something up on a DIY website building site, and you’re done… Right?


An audit of the content throughout your website is beneficial because it points out all the ways your website can help your visitor and, in turn, helps Google find you and rank your website accordingly.

I’m going to go through 5 easy steps for my own pet grooming business, Tails A-Waggin’ Pet Grooming in the Chicagoland suburbs of Illinois.

Is it Clear what your company does?

You literally have about 8 seconds to grab the attention of your website visitor, so you want to make it very clear, right off the bat, what your company does and how it’s a solution to your visitors.

The Home page of my website does that… Across the top and ‘above the fold’ where your visitor lands without having to scroll yet is where your company’s

1. Name

2. Address

3. Phone number

This is especially important if your pet business is local, which many pet businesses are.

If your business is strictly online, this is not AS important, but you still need an address and phone number somewhere on your site, at least on the bottom, for credibility purposes.

Is your website Customer Focused?

Knowing who your customer is and how to speak to them is where this comes in handy.

You want your website content to solve a problem or show the visitor that your company solves a need they have.

My website is good in this department, but keeping your content updated is a good way to improve here.

Is your website Competitive?

This is where you want your pet company to stand out from the others. Also, it’s important that Google can find your company when searched for online.

It’s crucial to let your visitors know why your company is the best choice and let them know what to do.

Saying ‘Call now!’ or ‘Click here for 25%off’ is a great way to invite your visitor to act.

My website asks the visitor to ‘Give us a call!’ to make an appointment or ask questions.

Is your website Conversion Optimized?

We want the pet parents visiting our websites to do something…

Whether they download a coupon, sign-up for your e-newsletter, or watch a quick demo on how to bathe a dog at your store’s self dog-wash, you want it to be apparent.

Since my website is information only, this is not as essential, but I could definitely improve my website in this area.

Is your website Consistent?

You want the pages on your website to flow together naturally. Make the navigation at the top or down the left side lists the pages of how your visitor would search them and want the same ‘voice’ to shine through in all the content.

My website does this well.

If your website needs some help in any of these areas, then Content Site Audits may be just the ticket!



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